Ramaah must be brought to justice for inciting violence

Lewis Center, Ohio—This week, in a poorly shot video, Mr. Sulaiman Ali aka Ramaah, the former Sahel region governor during the Silanyo administration, was inciting violence. He was calling for chaos and disorder, and he was even threatening to set up road blocks around Berbera port over his false narrative that the Sahel communities are suffering deliberate economic hardship.

Lately, the clan-based websites such as Hadhwanaagnews and others have became the favorite venues to disseminate anti-Somaliland vitriol, which lacks any objectivity or accuracy just to malign Somaliland people and their government.

Mr. Ramaah is the poster child of what is wrong with Somaliland’s governance and political system: He was a high school dropout, turned politician because he simply knew how the political clan dynamics of city of Burao functioned. He met Silanyo during a visit to Columbus, Ohio in 2010. He begged Silanyo’s wife for a position if Silanyo won the 2010 presidential election. Finally, through her recommendation he got the job as the governor of Sahel.

A person like Mr. Ramaah should never have been a governor in the first place. But the corrupt Silanyo administration, which had undermined good governance and transparency in Somaliland, enabled him to became a governor, for the sake of cronism.

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Ali Mohamed
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